Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Anna Nicole Smith And Criminal Psych: Lesbian Dope Fiends?

Source: TMZ
Date Retrieved: September 23, 2009

Anna Nicole's Nude Pics with Shrink
Posted Sep 22nd 2009 7:37PM by TMZ Staff
Anna Nicole Smith and her psychiatrist were captured on film in various contorted sexual positions, according to new legal docs.

We reported this morning that the legal docs describe Anna Nicole and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich naked in a bathtub together. Authorities claim the two women had a personal relationship "that crossed the boundaries of professionalism."

The documents are very specific: "One photo showed both naked women embracing while looking at the camera. In another photo, Dr. Eroshevich is sitting between Anna Nicole Smith's legs while Anna...was in a more reclined position.

In the third photo, Anna Nicole Smith has her ankles on each of Dr. Eroshevich's shoulders while they are holding hands and their clasped hands are resting in the area of Anna Nicole Smith's vagina posing for the camera."

More than a year ago we saw a photo of Anna Nicole and Dr. Eroshevich, naked in a bathtub with a sex toy nearby. We did not publish the photo.

It seems not only was Psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich conspiring to get patients high-as-a-kite with fatal results, she also exploited her position as a trusted professional for her own sexual gratification. This story becomes more and more disgusting by the day. It's also worth noting that TMZ apparently does have some "scruples" afterall, when it comes to drug-pushing psychs who sexually exploit and kill their patients, anyway.  Nice work, TMZ.  How many more victims of this psych could have been warned had the media done their job? It seems ratings and profits aren't the only thing motivating these merchants of chaos, afterall.

Details are emerging that the psych in question was "openly gay", and that her and ANS were seen marching together in a gay pride parade. The lawyer representing the psych concedes that she is indeed a lesbian, but contends that she has not had sex with any woman whatsoever, including her patients. This seems a somewhat dubious claim given descriptions of the photographs and their using a dildo as a prop while naked in a bathtub together.

Should the late Anna Nicole Smith bear some responsibility for this unhealthy relationship built upon promiscuity and drugs, or is the psych whom she entrusted fully to blame for her tragic ending, and the shameful details that came before?

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